Wednesday, April 25, 2007


So, wonder what I've been in the basement churning up? Here it is: Well at least in the midst of it to confess. This is the next big thing...I guess the closest thing to a creator owned thing since Gazillion. Basically it's a fantasy football (soccer, for the yanks) league. You will be able to pick your favorite team, favorite player and the like. Tons a fun and Mad Superfantastic Chaos! You can visit the site itself or the Myspace link to get a bit of an insider sneak preview and be the first on your block to say, "yessss, I was there at the insemination" ;) I'll be updating on a regular with TONS o art for this project.

This was a test to meet the creators vision. He eventually figured it was too painterly for his liking. Good thing, cus this style is much more work than the simple watercolor style. :)

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