Wednesday, May 28, 2008


A few ladies I've been playing with lately.


flaviano said...

wow, just discovered you have a blog also. glad to watch at your fantastic art man!
keep posting! said...

Dude, looking at your girls makes me just wanna give it to somebody. Great seeing you at the con. Next time I see you I don't care what's goin on. I'm buying your ass a drink and we gonna do the damn thing. This Con has been good. Made some great connects. I'll keep you posted. Peace bro

The Master ... said...

Hello, i hope i will be so creative/productive one day as well.. Very great style...even the rougher ones and the freehand style characters, man i like all of your works!!! Its 7:50 in the morning here in Estonia, and i stayed up all night for one logo i had to do...and ended up looking at the greatest stuff ive seen this year or probably the some of the best stuff ive ever seen... :)
i would love to know how you do the coloring stuff and in what program... im left handed and i use mouse with my right hand so i havent never tried to digitalize my stuff...and also i noticed that you use kind of galligraphic ink pen or something??...for some stuff anyway....
haaah, its too exiting to finish...i would like to know everything about comics but we dont have them here and as far as i remember the spiderman cartoon was the time when i saw the characters....i didnt follow the story so much because i had to remember all the lines and face cantours and i could draw the characters afterwards and have my own cartoon and stories:D
i was like 15 or something... But man...seriously you make up all the skyscrapers around the spidey or are they real/life?
Ok, man...sorry about my letter, its too long already but i hope you will find some of my questions worth to answer because!!
check out also my and my friends art stuff

Wish you all the best and greetings from the northside europe!!! :)
///my email is or


Andre Barnwell said...

Nice! Wonder woman's costume looks so tight that it looks like its painted in on. lol.