Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spider Bite

This is a piece I did in the middle of last year. The drawing dates back to sometime in 06 but never got to painting it till 08. Surprisingly it's one of my more popular pieces. Surprising because the predominant element is a car. I thought only car guys liked cars, but I guess with the incentive of a pretty girl it's easy to accept. I think the defining character is the girls stare. Hard to replicate.



never underestimate what people will like

like beranie babies and jar jar binks and other crap like that :)

Shawn said...

Hey I met you at Comic Con 09, I was interested in getting one of your pics on a deck for my daughter can you hit me back with a way to reach you.


Keron said...

Hey Shawn,

I'm currently dealing with a few deck printers right now...should have some stuff by the end of March.