Wednesday, August 5, 2009

B 50 3


Rodney Dollah said...

Hey dude,

Was good meeting you can this years
Wizard World Con. I was going to pick
up both your new sketchbooks Sunday
but had got sick and had to finish
off the con on Saturday. I'm still
interested in both the sketchbooks
if you have any left over.

The two I would like are
Sublime and the second if I remember
is called Kerank, it's the one with
the rounded corners.

If you could hit me up with an
email, that would be cool.


Jav said...

yo, Met ya a coupla years back at Wizard World Chi. Your shit blew me away. Picked up that sick Black Canary print... and we may have made a trade, not too sure.
Was in San Diego but didnt get a chance to make it out from the booth too much.
Killer... how can I get me one of them book?

Cheeks said...

gorgeous cover, brutha. wish we could have talked more at SDCC. :(

Antonio Santamaria said...

Great last works.... I have a curiosity about the technique used... Did you use Painter Brushes to paint them?
Congratulations for all your art, full of masterpieces... Saludos from Barcelona!