Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Project I've been playing with for a while...really just got down and dirty with her over the fall and put a few good hours in. She's been giving me fits with tuning the carbs, but I'm getting closer. She'll be a never ending project, but the next build beckons, so she'll have to kick it like this for a least until she tells me what else she wants.

I'll post more pics later.

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TOON Books said...

I work for a small comics publisher and we'd like to talk to you, Keron Grant, about an upcoming project for which we think you'd be good. We left a message with the folks at Black Comix, and now here. Could you please tell us how to make contact? Thanks in advance for your prompt response, as time is of the essence.

Bob Wylie
212 431-9106 (leave yr number if I'm not there, and I'll call you back)