Friday, February 4, 2011

ZRX chopper

The next project in the works. My old wrecked zrx1100.5 Just stripped her down to bits... Planning on stroking the motor and building the tank. Under seat mind you, for lower center of gravity and just cuz it looks damn cool. Watch this space for the worlds coolest build.


blackconan said...

What does stroking the engine mean? Don't know if you're into these kind of bikes but you should check out this site

Keron said...


the cylinder diameter is the "bore" and the travel of the piston is "stroke". So to stroke the motor means you are getting a greater volume/more cc per stroke: The piston travels farther. More space for gas and air means greater displacement and more power. You stroke the motor with a crankshaft with more travel and or longer connecting rods. This often produces a hotter motor, where you would be advised to get a better cooling system.

That ducati site is brilliant. Thanks for the link man.