Thursday, December 18, 2008


Here's a helmet graphic I designed for Icon's female line. This was too much fun to do and best yet, they gave me enough time to make it nice. It's the Helmet I wear when I ride. I can't tell if it's the good design why they look or if it's because it's a dude wearing a pink helmet :D Stay tuned as I'm designing a few more for them.

You can see a 360 view off it here


Dylan McCrae said...

Looks freakin ace man! Especially when you see it on the actual helmet. Tight illustration and design work. Loving the colors as well, worked with a similar palette for a recent exhibition piece. :]

SharmenHope said...

I love this helmet. I own one and I am in love with it!!! Btw, I have a white mesh ridding jacket and I always wanted to match it to the helmet with some fabric graffiti paint job. Can I copy your style and do it? I'll show you the finished project ;)