Sunday, December 28, 2008

Power girl sketch

So this is a picture of a con sketch that I stumbled on while surfing the web. It's one of the kinda colored pieces I do from time to time. Back in the day my con sketches were terrible, as I was in a bit of a hit and miss and collecting money. After a while too many bad sketches haunted me. Now I try to put a little bit of the cosmos in all my pieces, however small or trivial. I'm actually cool with how this one turned out. This was the midst of my Neuball period so the lines are more flowing and loose which works well for this piece.


riq said...

Looks good to me too.

All of your stuff I see on the blog is really hot!

Keep up with the great work!

Chris Sims said...

Simply beautiful!

Dylan McCrae said...

The flow in the inks is beautiful. Loving this image, pose and "kinda" coloring. Amazing work!