Wednesday, December 31, 2008


One of my mates wife has this Day Care center going and they had an idea to do it up with some flair. The idea explains itself really and they wanted something with an old Grease movie, 50s rocker theme. It took a while to get the look I had in the back of my mind and there were several attempts at the style. The first was a sad attempt at a style I saw earlier and they ended up looking like aliens rather than cute babies. The boy and girl on the far right were the second try, which we thought was good but wasn't edgy enough. The third attempt are the 2 on the left. The kid on the big wheel and the one with the guitar are just me going the extra mile. And of course, became everyones favorites. In all we decided to use all of them to decorate the place.


Chrispy said...

Yo, these kids are so dope man, i love the energy you got going on with the poses and the general feel of em is pretty slick. Cant wait for NY son!

Keron said...

fir real homes....aint know you were going. You got an artist alley spot?